JOTA/JOTI wouldn’t happen without our large number of volunteers. Whether you already have experience with amateur radio or if you would just like to help creating a unique event experience for our participants, please contact our team on

What can I expect?

Scouts being interviewedAll staff (made up of specialist activity instructors and a general service team from all over the UK and parts of Europe) are expected to help out with delivering the event. This can mean anything from welcoming groups or cooking to litter picking.

Food is provided free of charge and accommodation is either indoors or in tents. If you are camping, please bring your own tent, and for both indoor and camping options, please ensure you bring your own bedding. As the event has experienced some varied weather in the past, please make sure you have sufficient waterproof clothing and enough changes of clothes.

If your registrations is confirmed by email, we will send you additional information closer to the event.